Want to know who’s been around? Canadian Nordine Taleb. Back in 2012, he was scrapping in Bellator, then made the leap to the UFC in 2014. He’s been part of two (!) seasons of TUF, and somehow finds his way on UFC cards all over the world.

Claudio Silva is a rare kind of Brazilian who lives in the UK, and has come away with the “W” in two trips to the Octagon. I guess that would make him the hometown hero for the locals to cheer for…

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From the outset, Silva is hunting for that takedown like Elmer Fudd in pursuit of Bugs Bunny. For his part, Taleb is certainly crafty, banging the Brazilian with a knee and making him pay for daring try to take him down. But eventually it happens, and Taleb is soon struggling to escape with Silva on his back – a struggling in vain once Silva snakes his arm around his neck and chokes him.

Results: Claudio Silva def. Nordine Taleb via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:31, R1