When last we saw Chad Mendes, the top featherweight contender was getting KTFO by Frankie Edgar. Prior to that, he was taking Conor McGregor down for a hot minute before getting TKO’d. Since those two bouts, Mendes has been on ice thanks to a USADA suspension, but hey, he’s back now, and ready to face TUF washout Myles Jury.

In case you forgot, Mendes has got some pretty heavy hands himself. Jury apparently forgot, because he stands in front of Mendes, falls for a feint, and eats a knuckle sandwich that sends him to the canvas. Mendes is on him instantly, wailing away until Jury curls up and the ref jumps in.

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And to make things interesting, Mendes challenges Brock Lesnar in his postfight interview.


Results: Chad Mendes def. Myles Jury via TKO (Punches) at 2:52, R1