The next big UFC pay-per-view on tap is UFC 223 on April 7, and with it comes the best possible lightweight match-up around.

That’s right, interim champ Tony Ferguson is taking on wrestling powerhouse Khabib Nurmagomedov, and the winner will emerge from the bout the “full” champ thanks to Conor McGregor getting stripped.

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What’s awesome about this fight is that both men are truly the best in the division. With his intense pressure and grappling, Nurmagomedov has turned just about everyone he’s faced into jelly; with his pinpoint-accurate striking and sub game, Ferguson has finished the rest.

But this pairing brings up the age old question: can the striker knock out the wrestler?

Admittedly, Nurmagomedov has been tagged in fights before (although it never amounted to anything). And Ferguson isn’t the greatest counter-wrestler in the world.

So… can Ferguson land that one money shot, and then follow it up with a finisher? Therein lies the mystery, I guess.