We knew this moment was coming, we just hoped it would come sooner. But alas, fighters are stubborn folk, so for the last few years we’ve had to watch the once tough-as-nails Jake Ellenberger take way too much punishment and head trauma.

So big thanks to Bryan Barberena, who knocked Ellenberger silly at UFC Fight Night 135, and prompted Ellenberger to hang up the gloves.

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What’s sad is the Ellenberger of old could’ve absorbed all sorts of damage while throwing heavy heat and wrestling dudes to the canvas. And against Barberena, he was throwing heavy heat and calling upon those wrestling chops. But he simply cannot take a punch anymore, and in about a half a round’s time, Ellenberger was down, defenseless against the leather being dropped on his head.

Yeah, Ellenberger retiring was the best outcome.

Result: Bryan Barberena def. Jake Ellenberger via TKO (Punches) at 2:26, R1