This sport can be real harsh sometimes.

For the longest time, Frankie Edgar was next in line to fight for the featherweight belt. He’d done the legwork, defeating everyone put before him, and the former lightweight king was ready once more to fight for the featherweight title that had so desperately eluded him. But if it wasn’t Edgar bowing out due to injury, it was champ Max Holloway, so in a moment of last-minute card shuffling, Edgar faced rising star Brian Ortega.

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And Ortega knocked him out. Now Ortega gets to face Holloway for the featherweight championship in the co-main event of UFC 226.

How much did Edgar deserve to be the man taking on Holloway? So much. So much that both Conor McGregor and Max Holloway took to social media to send words of encouragement.

Meanwhile, Holloway and Ortega will battle and thrill us, both of them fantastic on the ground and deadly on the feet. We’ll probably enjoy the hell out of it.

But let’s not forget who should have been in that cage.