Image Credit: Andrei Arlovski Stefan Struve

Years ago a breakdown of UFC 222’s Stefan Struve versus Andrei Arlovski would’ve been complex and intricate.

Years ago, it would’ve been a detailed calculation on Struve’s incredible height and reach and ability to strike opponents from the other side of the cage. It also would’ve included Arlovski’s blinding speed with his fists, and their unwavering accuracy. And of course it would’ve included both men’s ability to grapple and find submissions.

But now, with Struve and Arlovski in the twilight of their careers, it’s more about the Dutchman’s heart not exploding and a gust of wind not blowing too hard on the Belarussian’s chin lest he fall unconscious.

Folks, these men are old and crumbling. We might see one (or both) of them die in the Octagon on Saturday night.

Good ol’ Jimmy Smith, formerly of Bellator’s commentating team and now with the UFC, has given a try to breaking down this fight. Watch and learn something.