We’re coming up on the end of the year now.

As I stated before, despite some great action year-round, it’s safe to say it’s been a frustrating year.

But maybe it’s time to remember the good.

What was your favorite event of 2015? Maybe… it depends what you’re looking for.

Here are some totally unofficial nominees for Caged Insider’s Best MMA Event of 2014:

1) The Event That Was Solid Bell-to-Bell:

At the conclusion of UFC Fight Night 55, aka UFC Fight Night Bisping vs. Rockhold, it felt like the UFC Fight Pass subscription service was worth every cent. The Sydney, Australia event had a mix of talent, from a glamorous main event to some locals among the prelims, but everyone came to fight. In fact, the show set a record for the UFC with all eleven bouts decided inside the distance. Just a great night of fights!

2) The Event That Was a Breath of Fresh Air:

Not only did everyone come to fight at Bellator 131, it showed that promoters were coming to fight, too. Could this show compete “bell-to-bell” with others of 2014? Probably not. But the event really felt like an event, which is hard to come by these days. Fans enjoyed the signing of a promising young talent, a new presentation with more elaborate fighter entrances, and some good action along the way.

3) The Event That Felt Like an Old Classic:

I may have enjoyed UFC Fight Night 52, aka UFC Fight Night Hunt vs. Nelson, more than I should have. But what can I say? It was a fun night of fights, even if it was early morning here in North America, from Japan. It was great seeing a little of the old glamor back in Saitama Super Arena, and it was the oddest of homecomings for headliner, and old K-1/PRIDE favorite, Mark Hunt.

4)  The 2014 Fighter of the Year Enjoys the Year’s Most Dominant Performance:

How many of you read that title and thought of Robbie Lawler or TJ Dillashaw? Well, I must disagree. They’re great, no question, but… nah. The Fighter of the Year 2014 did something neither of them did — win bouts against two top-ten ranked opponents.  Granted, she didn’t even get top billing at UFC 175, in favor of Lyoto Machida and Chris Weidman (who had a great fight, too). But the event was highlighted Ronda Rousey’s spectacular harai-goshi followed with punches, earning a first round knockout against Alexis Davis — and that’s what lands it here.

The winner? For me — UFC Fight Night 55. I just like a good night of fights more than anything else and that sticks out more than anything else. But it’s subjective and even in an off year, there’s a little something for everyone. What do you think?