The unofficial combative sports motto in Brazil is, “If you’re not injecting yourself with steroids, you’re not trying hard enough.” Hence, jiu-jitsu specialist Gabi Garcia, who was brought on as a guest coach by Wanderlei Silva for a season of TUF: Brazil and scared all of us with her spot-on impersonation of Shrek. Note exhibit A, below:


Yeah, Wanderlei has his hand on the shoulder of an actual female – crazy, huh?

Anyway, after challenging Ronda Rousey and nearly taking an MMA fight (her debut) against a washed-up 135-pound Japanese fighter, Ms. Garcia has done some image reworking. Behold the two photos below:



These were posted to her Facebook.

Good for her for edging closer to looking like a beautiful female human. But Brazil, man, you so crazy.