Perhaps you remember Tonya Evinger from her fight with Gina Carano, which occurred in EliteXC back in 2007. Or maybe you know her from her fight against Cris Cyborg in the UFC. She lost both, but the point I’m trying to make is that Evinger has been around a long damn time.

Aspen Ladd is practically an embryo by comparison, but she’s never lost a fight, and won her UFC debut by pounding out Lina Landsberg.

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These two ladies waste no time banging away, and both land with effective dirty boxing. But the wheels totally come off the bus for Evinger when she screws up an attempt to get things to the ground.

Ladd starts beating on her relentlessly as Evinger is turtled, and when the veteran rolls over, Ladd takes top position and eventually takes back-mount. At that point, the youngster pours on the violence, and soon the ref is jumping in saying, “Please don’t kill her.”