Anthony Pettis was a superstar champ at one point in the distant past. Still, he’s considered on the lightweight division’s elite.

Michael Chiesa won a season of TUF, has won more than he’s lost in the Octagon, and failed to make the lightweight cutoff for this bout.

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That size works to his advantage in the first, with Chiesa getting Pettis down twice and trying to bully him from top position. Pettis ain’t having it, and since he’s got pretty good jiu-jitsu as well, he either escapes trouble or threatens with submissions. Ultimately, that means they’re back to fighting on their feet, where Pettis is far superior.

That superiority shines in the second round, courtesy of a Pettis right hand that rocks Chiesa and makes him forget his jiu-jitsu on the ground. When the former lightweight champ slaps on the triangle choke-armbar combo, Chiesa is too befuddled to do anything but tap.


Results: Anthony Pettis def. Michael Chiesa via Submission (Triangle Choke-Armbar) at :52, R1