“Another day at work,” Jake Shields described his bout tonight in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

It was, of course, a new workplace for the longtime contender and sometime champion.

But in many ways, Shields’ debut bout for MMA World Series of Fighting was indeed typical Shields.

He was fighting in an opponent’s backyard again, like he did when he fought for the UFC welterweight title against Georges St-Pierre in front of 55,000 screaming Quebecois, or when he fought for the Shooto welterweight title against Ray Cooper in Hawaii.

He was cornered by his good friend Gilbert Melendez, as he has been so often in his MMA career.

He showed off the potent jiu-jitsu skills which he learned under the tutelage of Cesar Gracie.

And, as usual, he found a way to win — this time, with a first round submission.

That’s not to say it looked easy for the San Francisco, California native — at least not to start. Shields, who was greeted by a chorus of boo’s from a partisan Edmonton crowd as he entered the cage, was dropped to the canvas by a Ford jab early in the first round. But he recovered quickly and scored a beautiful hip throw to take control of the bout.

Shields quickly moved from a head-and-arm position to mount, and eventually maneuvering to Ford’s back to set a choke.

Ford, of Edmonton but fighting out of Montreal, Quebec, tapped at 2:49.

After the bout, Shields called out Jon Fitch for his next opponent.

In the night’s co-main event, Smealinho Rama defeated Derrick Mehmen to win the inaugural MMA World Series of Fighting Heavyweight Championship. Rama, of Calgary, Alberta, landed a hard left hook shortly after the opening horn to stun Mehmen, and followed up with strikes. The action was halted at 0:51 of round one, as Mehmen, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, finally dropped to the canvas.