Did you know yesterday was “National Cat Day?” If not, no worries — I didn’t either. Apparently there’s a “National Dog Day” too, in August. Who knew?

Four legged friends are near and dear to a lot of us though, and MMA fighters are no exception.

This month, MMA Fighting began a series of videos profiling a few Mixed Martial Arts standouts and their canine companions: “Mixed Martial Arfs.”

First up? Andrei Arlovski, who has been known as “The Pit Bull” throughout his MMA career, and, as it turns out, enjoys the company of a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier by the name of “Maximus.”

The film begins with Arlovski’s best friend Maximus waddling his way into Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts academy in New Mexico.

“When he was a puppy, he was… a really bad dog,” Arlovski admits in the intro. “He needed attention all the time. But my friend he recommended a dog trainer, and he did a very good job. Maximus is a very behaved dog now, and he’s very smart.”

Maximus proves him right, as he wrestles a little with other dogs, sleeps a bit, does a few tricks, and mostly just offers a little hope for this world.

“Pit bulls have a bad rap, but after a little time… everybody loves Maximus,” Arlovski says. “Sometimes I get a little jealous, he gets more attention than me.”

Next is women’s MMA pioneer Julie Kedzie, who calls her dog Bailey “the most loving and affectionate dog that you’re ever going to meet” — and makes a pretty good case for her:

“Being a fighter is such an emotional roller coaster,” Kedzie explains. “You want something that’s going to greet you with happiness.”

Bravo to E. Casey Lydon, and the rest of the MMA Fighting staff, for giving a piece of that happiness. Here’s hoping there’s more to come!