The days of a female UFC fight captivating us like they did whenever Ronda Rousey fought are behind us. This is sad, but true.

Now, we have to take those compelling match-ups where we can.

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Who’s left to really challenge featherweight queen Cris Cyborg? Who among the bantamweights can transform champ Amanda Nunes into a superstar that sells pay-per-views. Honestly, there really isn’t anyone for either of these title holders… except each other.

That’s right, a superfight between the featherweight champ and the bantamweight champ – both of whom are Brazilian sluggers capable of knocking each other’s head off. Does that not interest you?

It interests Dana White, and though Cyborg might not be keen on the idea, it interests Nunes, too.

She wants that superfight money. She’s no dummy.