It’s great being durable, but that trait can only take you so far.

Such is the case with Raquel Pennington, who challenged champ Amanda Nunes for her bantamweight belt last night in the main event of UFC 224. To her credit, Pennington took a beating and kept coming; alas, that doesn’t win fights.

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Right from the outset, it was clear Nunes had all the power, as evidenced by her leg-kicks that sent Pennington to the canvas, and her combos and cage control, which constantly had Pennington on her back-foot and boxed in against the cage. None of her attempts at takedowns bore fruit in the first, although she did manage on in the second.

By Round 3, Pennington’s eye was a mess, and Nunes wasn’t doing her any favors with the way she was aggressively out-boxing her. Nunes even scored a takedown of her own.

Nunes hit another takedown in the fourth, and opened up a cut on Pennington’s nose with a knee. It was only a matter of time, and Nunes needed about half of Round 5 to pound the challenger out.

Can we make this superfight between Nunes and Cyborg now?