File this one under “Please Don’t Encourage Them”:

Dave Terrel, who trains Chuck Liddell, and was himself a West Coast jiu-jitsu and MMA pioneer, believes “The Iceman” will beat Tito Ortiz again if and when they rematch.

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If you’ll recall, Ortiz got two cracks at Liddell in the Octagon, and both fights ended with Ortiz a pile of quivering human flesh on the canvas. Obviously, Ortiz saw how age and time affected Liddell and forced him from the cage all those years ago, so he probably thinks he’s got a better chance now at putting Liddell to sleep before he himself snoozes.

But Terrel thinks it will be business as usual.

As per MMAJunkie:

If the fight goes down a third time as expected, Terrel – who’s spent time in Ortiz’s camp before – sees a similar result unfolding.

“I just know that when Chuck fights Tito again, he’s going to knock Tito out,” Terrel said. “Chuck’s just one of those guys that just has Tito’s number. Tito’s not going to take him down, and Tito’s not going to outstrike him.”

Dave, please. Please don’t encourage them.