Mickey Rourke made his return to the ring today at age 62, in an exhibition bout on the undercard of the Ruslan Provodnikov vs Jose Luis Castillo event in Russia.

It’s… about what you’d imagine.

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The actor, seen above at his entrance to the ring, had a stretch as a boxer back in the 1990’s, where he won a half dozen bouts and drew another two — training under Freddie Roach in Hollywood.

Today’s bout was something of a Hollywood affair — Rourke, with “Siempre Guapo” (“Always Handsome”) on his trunks, even feigned a heart attack in a tepid round one. In round two, he appeared to land a glancing body shot which floored (?) his opponent, 29-year old Elliot Seymour, who eventually stayed down to endure the knockout loss.

Seymour is 1-9 as a pro, and the “fight” is officially labelled an “exhibition.” Mostly, it felt like an exhibition of poor taste.

I need a shower.

Watch the video while you can:

Props to Twitter fight-sport maestro Caposa for the image.