It seems another big name in boxing has been curious about the MMA scene besides Manny Pacquaio. Sugar Shane Mosley admits that he has been considering MMA as of late, but knows that he would be at a disadvantage as proven by boxing champ, James Toney’s recent stunt. The lack of wrestling and takedown defense may just nullify all the advantages in his hands.

“I was thinking about trying it, but they have the advantage in the wrestling and takedowns,” Mosley said. “They’re totally different sports. I’ve definitely thought about it. If a boxer doesn’t have training in mixed martial arts, fighting on the ground, they’re not going to win. You have to do more than throw a punch.”

“I think the UFC is great, there are great fights coming up there. I support it. I like Rampage Jackson a lot because I know him and I’ve admired Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture.”

But just because Mosley likes the UFC, that doesn’t mean we should expect to see him in the Octagon.

Realistically, the only reason for accomplished boxers to try MMA is if they’ve reached the point in their boxing careers where they just don’t have any big fights left. That’s where Toney is, and that’s why he signed with the UFC. But for all of Mosley’s interest in MMA, he knows that even at age 39, he’s a long way from being ready to step in the cage.