Boxing legend Ricky Hatton is caught on camera snorting cocaine in a shocking 10-hour drink and drugs binge.

A friend who witnessed the former world champ take SEVEN lines of coke in a Manchester hotel said: “If he carries on he’ll kill himself. I’m really, really worried for him.”

Boxing legend Ricky Hatton is filmed snorting line after line of illegal cocaine

These are the pictures that will rock the world of boxing – bloated former world champion Hatton snorting line after line of cocaine.

First the sporting legend casually takes out a wrap of the drug he has hidden in his SHOE.

Then he pours the white powder on to a table top before cutting it into three massive lines with a credit card. Finally he expertly hoovers them up his nose through a rolled up £20 note.

Ricky Hatton takes cocaine wrap from his shoe

The shameful images of 31-year-old national hero Ricky, nicknamed The Hitman for his ring victories, were captured at a Manchester hotel two weeks ago.

Source: News of the World