Even though Kimbo Slice has given up MMA, it would appear that he’s doing okay on the boxing front. This past Saturday, Kimbo took on Brian Green at local show in Springfield, Missouri and made a last second KO that would make him look like a true champ.

Now, many are saying that there is no way this could have happened, as Green was winning all rounds before these final seconds. Even UFC vet Sean McCorkle calls the bluff on this fight;

“I mean I’m assuming it was supposed to be, but watching it I can’t believe that anyone is expected to believe that, that was a real fight. And not just the knockout at the end, which by the way was the worst acting I’ve seen outside of a Shaquille O’Neal movie. I mean the whole fight.”

So what do you think fight fans, is it a true KO, or does something smell rotten? Take a look at the fight and see what you think.