Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao had their first press conference today in Los Angeles, to hype their long anticipated May 2 bout in Las Vegas.

In a brief speech, Mayweather described the fight as “an unbelievable match-up.”

“It’s all about the best fighting the best,” Mayweather said. “Pacquiao is one of the best of this era. It’s all about timing. I’m in the gym dedicating myself to this sport because I’ve never wanted to win so bad in my life. He wants to win the same way I want to win.”

He also threw a shot at his opponent — noting that he, not Pacquiao, can boast an undefeated professional record.

“One thing I know, about any sport,” Mayweather said. “When you lose, it’s in your mind. If you lost once, it’s in your mind. If you lost twice, it’s in your mind. From day one I was taught to be a winner. Stay focused and be the best you can be.”

Pacquaio described himself as ready and feeling good.

“This is a very important fight, it’s going to be a historic fight,” he said. “Last November I knew the fight would happen. I realized it’s time. It happened in Miami we met together, it helped a lot.”

“May 2 is when the world stops, the biggest fight in boxing history,” Mayweather said.

Perhaps that’s the one thing both would agree on.

Here is the full video for the press conference: