First of all, as per a media conference call with Scott Coker, Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice yesterday, both Shamrock and Slice passed whatever drug tests the Missouri athletic commission threw at them.

Now that that’s out of the way… it seems Kimbo is pretty okay with fighters using performance-enhancing drugs to be able to compete. From yesterday’s conference call (hat tip to BloodyElbow for transcribing it):

“Listen, real fighters don’t give a damn about what another fighter has to do to get in shape or be prepared for the fight. Really, I don’t. It’s like, c’mon man, that’s really… Not knocking you, but it’s really minute to me. It’s like, “Dude, do whatever…” To anybody, do what you gotta do to be prepared. But, just show up 100%, ready to fucking rock and roll. I’m a fan of this sport, I’m a fan of any athletic sport. And if you as an athlete are training on a professional level… and no you can’t fucking just do the average shit, just to compete on this level. Fans want to see these guys, they want to see us perform and train. And we train hard and we beat our bodies up.”

Kimbo’s line was cut off before he could continue down that weird and winding path he was treading on.

Look, Kimbo’s got his opinion. It’s America, he’s allowed one. Besides, if you want to fight Ken Shamrock, you have to accept PEDs on some level.