Will Brooks is the current interim Bellator lightweight champion, having scored a decision victory over Michael Chandler recently to lay claim to the title.

While the final decision was hotly contested on social media and MMA sites around the world, Brooks knows that at the end of the day, he’s the one wearing a title around his waist.

Brooks would appear to be lined up for a match vs. Eddie Alvarez to unify the titles, but it has been reported that Alvarez can opt to fight Chandler instead. The current champion suffered a head injury in training and was forced out of his fight with Chandler.

On Twitter late Monday night, Brooks decided to speak his mind regarding Alvarez-Chandler taking place ahead of his fight with Alvarez and other matters at hand.

“I honestly couldn’t careless about what Bellator does next. I’ll be here getting better and ready to fight anyone anytime,” Brooks wrote. “Like it or not I won the belt. I don’t care what Bjorn (Rebney) or Bellator does next, go do Chandler/Alvarez III I don’t care.”

Bellator’s typical style is to generate contenders from tournaments, but Brooks understands there is no way Chandler is headed back to a tourney bracket before another crack at the belt.

“Bjorn’s not going to send 1 of Bellator’s poster boys to the back of the line and back in the tournament,” Brooks wrote. “Let’s stop playing games.

“I honestly don’t need the Bellator belt to be champion I just want to get better as a fighter and change the way things work now. It’s all BS and the people know it and the fighters. Like me or hate me I’m going to force change in this organization or be fired.”

Brooks was also upset by comments Chandler made after he offered nothing but respect to his opponent.

“I paid Chandler respect said ‘with or without a belt Chandler is a champion still’ he can’t show the same respect fine lets do it again bro,” he posted. “Chandler/Alvarez are only worried about fighting each other and making their money and more power to them for that can’t hate them for it.

“But I’m focused on changing things for the fighters in the organization because there’s talent in Bellator that’s getting over looked. We the fighters break our necks, grind, suffer and sacrifice in the gym to battle and entertain. And for what? To be taken advantage of.”

In regards to the “controversial” decision rendered by the cageside judges, Brooks said “some people believe Chandler beat me and that’s fine your entitled to your opinions. But this fight I took wasn’t about a win or the belt I took the fight against Chandler because I believe 100% that it’s time for a change in the organization so I put myself out there.

“I just want the best for the fighters of this sport not the organizations. The fighters and the sport should be first at all times.”

On Tuesday, Brooks continued where he left off and tried to explain his statements, posting, “I went on a rant and I thank everyone that supports me what I said but understand I wasn’t saying Bellator is bad. Bellator and the men and women who work their are amazing individuals that’s really care about the sport and the organization.

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been treated well by Bjorn and Bellator. That’s not what I was trying to get across at all. What I was saying is that I believe the great treatment I’ve received should be equal among all of us fighters and not just a few.”