When a dog contracts rabies, it is universally accepted that the now-sick animal must be euthanized. After all, one of the characteristics of the almost-always fatal disease is that the afflicted animal becomes irrational, violent and great danger to others.

Such is the case with War Machine, born Jon Koppenhaver, who made an impression on us via a stint on TUF, a brief interlude with Bellator and an ongoing affair with incarceration. By now, everyone knows that the erstwhile fighter is on the lamb, a fugitive of justice while his latest victim lies beaten to the point of disfigurement in a hospital bed and the Las Vegas Police Department wants him for a litany of charges.

But screw arresting this dude who failed to make it as a fighter and failed even more spectacularly as a human being. Like a rabid dog, War Machine needs to be put down.

In terms of due process and notions of justice that may dictate that we hear War Machine’s side of the events that transpired on August 8 that left his former girlfriend Christy Mack in need of medical attention, well, let’s just say that there are no mitigating factors on Earth that could justify the kind of violence that particular trained mixed martial artist very obviously inflicted upon a female.

In tort law, there’s a concept called strict liability, which places blame absolutely and regardless of whether there was any negligence or intent. Because War Machine is a fighter with years of experience, and because the recipient of his vile and evil actions was someone the farthest thing from his physical equal, he’s culpable beyond culpable and guilty beyond all measures of guilt.

There is no place in our sport for someone who sullies the great martial traditions MMA has grown to foster, there is no place in society for a human being willing to use their physical gifts against the defenseless, and because he’s already served time for crimes of violence, there is no place for him in the penal system.

If and when War Machine is found, hopefully he’s treated like the rabid dog he is.