Wanderlei Silva came up short against Chael Sonnen at Bellator NYC, but hey, the dude took the last four years off and he got older and not young, so what did you expect? Anyway, he’s still under contract with Bellator, and he did have his moments of pure violence before the wrestler took him down over and over again, which means we may likely see him fight again before he hangs up the gloves for good.

Silva posted a statement to his Instagram, but it’s in Portuguese, so I’m just going to rely on Guilherme Cruz of MMAFighting’s translation:

“(I) fought a good fight, gave my best, and appreciate everyone’s support,” Silva wrote. “I have to train more takedown defense, I know. The best moment of the fight was mine, he just kept grabbing me, but it’s ok… on to the next one!

“I’m happy to be back and feel the taste of entering the ring, and even better to feel that you are with me! I’ll train more jiu-jitsu and wrestling and come back as soon as possible! On to the next one! Listening our national anthem was emotional for me. Love you, Brazil.”