Wanderlei Silva released another video yesterday, where he detailed more of his issues with his former employers at the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Silva, who retired earlier this year with an MMA record of 35-12-1, described the MMA industry as going through a period of “transition” — noting the recent reports which describe the UFC as suffering as much as a 40% loss of revenue.

The culprit, says Silva, is how fighters, like him, are treated.

“If you don’t start sharing profits and giving the athletes better conditions, it will be over,” Silva claims in the 7 minute video available on his YouTube account. “The source is drying out.”

He describes his recent experience, where he was threatened with legal action if he went through with an announced appearance for Bellator MMA, as an example.

“I was invited to make an appearance for (Bellator); I would get paid $10,000 to sign autographs for two hours,” Silva says. “Two days before the appearance, I got an email saying that if I did the appearance I would be sued by (the UFC) claiming that I’m still under contract. But how do you have a retired athlete under contract? So I can’t work anymore, I can’t profit from the image I built with my blood, my sweat, my heart, and everything that you all witnessed. You guys profited so much… will they pay my bills?”

The UFC and PRIDE veteran also took the time to admit one of his own mistakes, when he questioned UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez’s withdrawal from UFC 180.

“I come here today to apologize to Cain Velasquez,” Silva says. “I picked the wrong words when referring to his withdrawal from the Werdum fight. I know he had a serious injury… I was wrong, I am sorry and of course you are a great champion.”

Silva also cast his support for his old foe Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who has reported unfair treatment from Bellator.

Photo Credit: Scott Peterson, MMA Weekly