Tito Ortiz has been visiting several media outlets to respond to Stephan Bonnar lately — and his visit to Inside MMA was typically venomous.

“I’ve never hated anybody as much as I hate him,” Ortiz said in an interview with Ron Kruck and Bas Rutten, recalling all the feuds and rivalries of a 17 year MMA career. “Ken Shamrock and I had words, but we’re on good terms now. We’ve actually went from acquaintances to friends. But Bonnar? I want to hurt him.”

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Bonnar and Ortiz had a verbal exchange and even briefly came to blows during an interview segment at Bellator 123. But one of the stories to which Ortiz has taken serious offense was elsewhere.

In his own Inside MMA appearance earlier in the month, Bonnar recalled his reasons for coming out of retirement to face Ortiz:

“I was happily retired. I was in a good place and had no desire to fight again. Then the name came up: Tito Ortiz. I started talking to people; I’m friends with a lot of guys who were friends with him. Even when I went to Fort Bragg, and talked to the soldiers there — the Wounded Warrior guys. All the stories say the same thing… he’s all caught up in his image. ‘Tito was here, but it’s all about him… are the cameras here? Did you get a picture with the Team Punishment logo showing?’…”

Ortiz denies ever even visiting Fort Bragg.

“You talk about a guy’s family, a guy’s fans, a guy who goes to Iraq to visit troops to raise morale? This guy’s a phony. I’ve never even been to Fort Bragg. I’ve been to Fort Benning. I’ve been to Walter Reed (Military Base) — I’ve been to Bethesda. I’ve been to about 20 bases in Iraq and Turkey… he’s trying to sell something as fake as him.”

“Your blood is going to be everywhere,” Ortiz said about the upcoming fight, to take place in November to headline Bellator 131. “I’m going to put you back in retirement.”