Yes, Bellator 149 featured an awful, awful bout between Kimbo Slice and DADA 5000 as many people feared. It was also the most watched card in Bellator history–as many people predicted (feared?). So, if you’re upset what with what went down, and don’t want to see something similar again, Jimmy Smith has a message for you–watch Bellator’s top tier fighters.

Since last Friday night there’s been no shortage of debate and outcry about the Slice – 5000 fight, which saw the former win the sluggish bout and the latter suffer serious medical complications. More recently it was announced that Bellator 149 peaked at 2.7 million viewers, prompting many to question, could similar matchmaking lie ahead?

Well, recently the promotion’s commentator appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and Smith had to this say, about fans concerns in this respect (quote via MMA

“That’s why I try and tell fans, man, help us out,” he said. “Watch the fights that have legit guys, and if those numbers are high, that’s what you will see again. And so in a sense it kind of feeds on itself. When that’s what you watch that’s what you’re going to get, and then you turn around and complain that that’s what you get, well, come on.

“When we show real, legit guys make those numbers high and that’s what you’ll get again. Scott (Coker) is responding to what the fans are telling him. And like I said you can scream, you can tweet, you can whine, you can do whatever you want — viewership is what drives what you see in Bellator…”

Of course, Smith’s comments might not sit well with folks who believe Bellator is just catering to mainstream fans, who are oblivious to what world class MMA is. But, at the end of the day, they don’t really have a choice do they? When their best fighters draw 800,000 viewers and fights like Slice – Ken Shamrock draw over 2 million?

Further, let’s all be honest here– how many ‘big time’ MMA fans went out of their way to watch Bellator 149? But weren’t planning on watching Bellator 150? Which until recently, was set to feature a compelling rematch between two ridiculously talented bantamweights in Marcos Galvao and Eduardo Dantas? Be honest…