Yesterday, Tito Ortiz reflected on his long fighting career in a memorable video for Bellator MMA — and it was a new look for the guy we used to call “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.”

“My legacy?” Ortiz asks himself, early in the video as he casts a fishing line from a boat in Huntington Harbour, not far from his home in Orange County, California. “I came from nothing and achieved everything. People say it’s the American Dream. I’m Mexican and American, so I call it the Mexican-American Dream. You only get one chance in life, and I’ve lived it.”

Ortiz is shown as a young man, growing up in poverty and dreaming of better times. His mother, Joyce Robles, describes Ortiz struggling in his youth, but enjoying trips to Huntington Harbour, where he eventually found work.

“That’s what saved him from getting into gangs, really,” she says. “It was the fishing. Fishing is something he always loved.”

She expected him to captain a boat one day, but instead Ortiz became a standout wrestler, then fighter.

“Now,” she said. “He has both.”

In fact, Ortiz, who is on a two fight win streak, describes himself a better fisher than fighter — and it helps keep him focused.

“I’m focused, I’m motivated, I’m happy,” Ortiz says. “When I’m happy, I’m dangerous.”

Ortiz’s next bout is next Saturday, when he faces Liam McGeary for the Bellator light heavyweight title at Bellator & Glory Dynamite 1.

“I’ve been given a huge opportunity to show my children I can become a world champion, even at age 40,” he says. “I said you only have one chance at life but I’m lucky — I’ve had more than one chance.”

Full video is here: