Bellator MMA has an odd kind of momentum right now.

On one hand, the promotion just enjoyed record-breaking success with last week’s offering in St. Louis.

On the other, the evening’s main event was dubbed a work by many, and a farce by more.

Still, there’s plenty of promise for the future, and Tito Ortiz appears to be playing a big role. Now enjoying a two-fight winning streak, the 40 year old “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” will challenge for the Bellator light heavyweight title in September against titlist Liam McGeary.

“Liam McGeary is the world champion, and I want that title,” Ortiz said in an interview yesterday by Karyn Bryant of MMA HEAT.

“I’ve got two more fights left on my contract,” he explained. “Viacom is kind of afraid to give me the title fight, because if I win — I only have one more fight and I’m done. So, maybe I’ll have more than just two.”

The longtime UFC 205 lb titlist — in fact, the man the division was created for — says he won’t be hampered by the injuries that slowed him down in the past, noting he feels better than he did at age 30. He credits two of his old training partners from the second season of The Ultimate Fighter for their recent help.

“My body’s reacting great,” he says. “I’ve been training with Kendall (Grove), Michael Bisping — and they’re studs, man. I’ve been able to push myself as hard as I possibly can at the age of 40. I feel good. I feel young.”

“I remember when Randy Couture turned 40, and he won the heavyweight title. I want to replicate that.”

The entire interview, which includes Ortiz’s thoughts on the upcoming featherweight title bout between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, is here: