Ever since legendary Russian heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko announced that he would be returning to the cage, the world has been holding its collective breath. Okay, maybe not the whole world – just the world within our MMA bubble. But whatever, he’s coming back. Everyone is excited. Hooray.

But where? Will it be the UFC, whose frontman, Dana White, talked nothing but trash about him? Or will it be to Bellator, who’s boss, Scott Coker, has a great relationship with the Russian?

Well, don’t forget that money talks.

And if it’s a mystery to you why it’s such a big deal a heavyweight who left the sport on a losing streak is coming back, consider the era we now live in: Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock just fought in what is probably the most-watched Bellator of all time. Bellator would love to have Fedor to put on a similar “old man” circus act, and the UFC would love to prevent Bellator from doing that.


(Main page pic courtesy of the Underground. It depicts Fedor’s first day back in training.)