Bellator MMA has a really good looking show tomorrow.

It’s the “British Invasion” — as the two of promotion’s champions defend against some of the top talent from across the pond.

The co-main event features light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton defending against undefeated Liam McGeary, and welterweight titlist Andre Santos defends against Paul “Semtex” Daley.

Great stuff there.

It’s enough to make you want to follow Bellator a little closer. You might scroll through their social media accounts, for example. Today, you would see what looks like a promo from 2008 — when Kimbo Slice was going to take on Ken Shamrock in Elite XC.

Elite XC. It ended up a debacle, with Shamrock pulling out, a replacement knocking Slice silly, then implying that he was paid to not engage in a grappling. The ensuing controversy helped kill the promotion.

But kind of a fun thing to put up for “Throwback Thursday” right?



Bellator MMA has announced that Kimbo Slice will face Ken Shamrock on June 20 at Scottrade Center in Mobile, Alabama.

What’s there to say? It’s already generating a mainstream buzz — check out this report from ESPN.

My colleague here at Caged Insider, Jim Genia, offered his reasons why Bellator has “an atomic bomb” in Kimbo Slice:

  1. The second most-watched MMA fight of all time was Slice vs. James Thompson, which aired on CBS back in 2008 and garnered 7.281 million viewers.

  2. The fourth most-watched MMA fight was Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli, which aired on CBS back in 2008 and snagged 6.451 million viewers.

  3. A pre-recorded episode of TUF featuring Slice vs.Roy Nelson drew in 6.1 million viewers. PRE-RECORDED, not live.

  4. Slice left the Octagon back in 2010 after losing via TKO to Matt Mitrione, and he faded into relative obscurity. That obscurity will only help serve to make his return all the more compelling.

Maybe. But it all sounds crazy. The thing is maybe this is just one of those ideas which is crazy enough to work.