Tito Ortiz has been building his hatred for Stephan Bonnar over the past 17 years. That all came to a boiling point when Bellator asked the two to step inside the cage recently.

Bonnar brought in Justin McCully – complete with two masks – as a way to get inside the head of Ortiz, and the former UFC light heavyweight champion didn’t respond too kindly. During a recent edition of Submission Radio, the UFC Hall of Fame fighter explained everything.

“You talk about disliking a person my whole career,” said Ortiz of Bonnar. “That’s 17 years. I don’t think I ever hated anybody as much as I hate this person. For a person to talk about my family and to talk about my fans the way he did, I just find it very disrespectful, very childish and fake. He really ticked me off – a lot. He got very personal and I’m gonna take it out on him November 15.”

The two will meet in the main event of Bellator 131 from California and on Spike TV. The card also features Michael Chandler and Will Brooks for the lightweight title.

Ortiz, who has been involved in several feuds over the years with the likes of Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock and Dana White, Bonnar’s ability to get under his skin is different.

“I never hated anybody as much as I hate this guy,” he said. “Ken Shamrock, we had hate towards each other, but you know, animosity settles down. We fought it out and we shook after and now we’re good friends.

“There ain’t gonna be no handshakes after this fight. I ain’t gonna shake his hand. I ain’t gonna look him in the eyes. I’m just gonna beat his (expletive) and I’m going on to get my world title fight.”

In parting, Ortiz took a few shots of his own at Bonnar and his career. “The American Psycho” is a former Ultimate Fighter runner-up, but has failed a pair of drug tests during his previous UFC run.

“I really didn’t expect (his disrespectful comments),” Ortiz said. “I didn’t think of it, but I mean, what has the guy done in the sport besides get his (expletive) whipped for his complete career? I mean, he’s known for getting his (expletive) whipped.

“I just kind of scratched my head. November 15, it’s going to be 15 minutes of torture. I’m not going to finish him quick. I’m not going to try and knock him out quick. I’m gonna torture him for 15 minutes and I’m literally gonna try to make him quit.”