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It seems strange that this is even a topic in 2017, but apparently Bellator boss Scott Coker had to answer a question about having former UFC superstar Chuck Liddell fight in Bellator.

In case you forgot, Liddell was one of the Zuffa-era’s biggest stars, and as light-heavyweight contender and champ, infamously smashed all comers. But towards the twilight of his career, his chin transformed into the most fragile of glass, and began getting laid out by anyone who touched it. His last bout in the Octagon was back in 2010… and it was ugly. Thankfully, Dana White forced Liddell to retire.

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But would Coker allow Liddell into the Bellator cage? As per MMAJunkie:

I’d have to talk to Viacom about it,” Bellator President Scott Coker told MMAjunkie, referring to the promotion’s corporate parent. “He’d have to go through a battery of tests, and it would be a longer process than he would be fighting in January.”


“I’ve got to reach out and see if (Liddell would) like to do some fan fest stuff for us and be in the community, but that’s it,” Coker said. “There’s no fight for him.”

Asked whether he’s completely ruled out the idea of a Liddell return, Coker said, “We really haven’t even had that conversation.”