The UFC may have the vast majority of the sport’s top talent locked up, but Scott Coker and Bellator have found away around that when it comes to bringing in the eyeballs: Have old, washed-up MMA stars fight each other. We saw this when Tito Ortiz took on Stephan Bonnar a few months back, and we most definitely witnessed the plan in action when Kimbo Slice beat the tar out of Ken Shamrock at Bellator 138 on Saturday. So who’s next in line to get the “Old Man-Star Treatment”?

Maybe it’s Royce Gracie.

Currently the cagefighting pioneer and first MMA superstar is acting as Bellator’s brand ambassador (which essentially means he’s paid to say good things about the organization). But with his UFC 1 dance partner stepping into the cage on Saturday, the idea was floated that Shamrock and Gracie could have their third rematch (In case you forgot: Royce won the first meeting, and they fought to a draw the second time around).

Gracie seemed down with the prospect. As per MMAJunkie: “That’s good. When you’re at the top, man, they all want to fight you.” He added: “My body feels good, not injured, same weight from 20 years ago.”

It honestly should matter not one bit that Shamrock and Gracie could fight again. At the end of the day, they’d just be another marquee spectacle bout that brings in hundreds of thousands more viewers to see the real talent on the undercard – like Michael Chandler, Will Brooks, Patricio Pitbull, et al.

I say let them fight again.