Bellator just announced today that have officially signed with former UFC lightweight Roger Huerta. He will make his debut on the first show of Bellator Fighting Championship’s second season, April 8th.

Huerta has pretty much been out of the spotlight since last September when he suffered a loss to Gray Maynard, which also led to him leaving the UFC.

But now with his signing on to Bellator, he may have a chance to fight lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez later on this year.

“The thing that Bellator has that nobody else has is that tournament format,” Huerta explaining why he signed with Bellator. “Us fighters control our own destiny. In order for me to continue to fight, I’ve got to win. I keep winning, I’ll continue to fight in the tournament.”

CEO of Bellator, Bjorn Rebney confirmed that Huerta will indeed get a guaranteed  shot at the champ, but must make his way through the 155 lbs. tournament.

“He’s got to beat three fighters, and if he can do that he’ll earn the right to fight Eddie Alvarez in a world title fight, which would be magical, but there’s a road that has to be traveled before he gets there, so it remains to be seen,” said Rebney.

Huerta hinted that he may be very busy this year, that is if he continues on in the tournament, in fact he may have to fight in April, May, and June.

“I wanted to put in as many fights as I could this year as well, and the best way to do that is to fight for Bellator,” said Huerta. “I know if I continue to win on these fights, then I continue on in the tournament. Therefore, I have the possibility of fighting four times this year.”

According to Rebney, Huerta’s contract is a exclusive, and long term, which was talked over with Huerta’s manager Jeff Clark. Huerta said he’s happy to be back fighting and is fine with starting the tournament instead of being given a title shot right away.

“This is like a second chance for me,” stated Huerta. “Obviously, I came off of two losses in the UFC recently against Kenny Florian and then Gray Maynard, and now this is a second chance for me as a fighter, as an MMA athlete, and to be able to get back up to the top.”