Earlier this week 155-pound fighter Roger Huerta was signed to Bellator Fighting Championships. But this unfortunately meant that Huerta had to leave the UFC to do so.

In the past couple of years, Huerta was considered on of the top 155-pound fighters of the UFC. He had six wins, one of which was against big-name fighter Clay Guida. Huerta only had two losses during his time with the organization.

Huerta said he is happy with the change, but made it very clear that there was no animosity between him and his former employers.

“There’s no hard feelings,” Huerta said on Monday. “I think everything is great, I had a good relationship with them when I went out the door, when I was changing my career. More power to them.”

The fighter said he definitely owes all his stardom to the UFC. He was the first MMA fighter to be featured on the cover of well known mag, Sports Illustrated thanks to his celebrity from the organization.

“I’ve been blessed. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them,” Huerta said.

Beginning his training with Bellator has really boosted Huerta’s spirits since he suffered two losses in a row [Kenny Florian and Gray Maynard] before making his exit of the UFC.

“To be honest, I feel really, really blessed to be where I’m at today, signing with Bellator and signing with Bjorn (Rebney),” said Huerta. “These guys out here are trying to make something happen. Honestly, it’s very unique, this tournament format is unique, and again you’re going to get the best out of these guys.

These guys got to be dedicated. It’s not like you win the first round and then you’re going to go off and party. It’s not like that. You’ve got to win, go back in the gym, train your butt off, go back in the cage, fight, win, and so on.”