It’s been a few days now since Bellator revealed its plans for a “Rampage” Jackson-Tito Ortiz bout on November 2nd (which prompted an instantaneous  ‘seriously?’ around North America), and some people are still reeling from the surprising news. After all, not only does it feature a man in Ortiz who was retired from fighting, but there were multiple reports heading into last week’s announcement that Jackson was going to box Roy Jones Jr. later this year.

Due to the change-up, some fans have wondered just how accurate reports were about Jones Jr. vs. Jackson, or whether it’s a match-up that could materialize down the road. Well, while speaking on a media call today regarding the upcoming pay-per-view, Jackson relayed the bout with Jones Jr. was definitely in the works. That is, in the words of Jackson, until Ortiz “f—ed it all up.”

According to a report from MMA, Jackson added:

“When Tito signed, I went, ‘Damn – there goes my Roy Jones fight,'” Jackson said. “But I think that the Jones fight will come around eventually after Tito and I fight. If everything goes according to plan, I’m sure the fight is going to to happen because Jones is very interested in fighting me.”

The report added that Jackson was apparently planning to cut to 200 pounds to box Jones Jr. at cruiserweight, but instead, he’ll fight Ortiz at the Long Beach Arena in November. The promotion also apparently announced that it plans to have lightweight champ Michael Chandler compete on the PPV, as well as some of its other champions. Based off the initial, consensus reaction to Jackson-Ortiz that sounds like a good plan, as fans will likely be more willing to shell out for yet another PPV if the card is stacked.

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