Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was in rare form earlier this week as he visited “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson.

Jackson and Ferguson just “vibed” from the opening moments, as Ferguson mentioned Jackson’s recent bout with Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal:

Ferguson: Last time you were here was before you fought “King Mo.” How’d that work out, remind me?

Jackson: It was a boring fight.

Ferguson: That depends where you were sitting!

Jackson: He was tryin’ to hug me and hump me the whole time, though!

Ferguson: See now. Tell me when that gets boring.

Jackson: (laughs) I like to excite the crowd, I like to get knockouts and stuff. He was just huggin’ up on me…

Ferguson: Yeah, but you won!

Jackson: But he thinks he won, though.

Ferguson: Well, how hard did you hit ’em?

Jackson: He wants a rematch.

Ferguson: Are you going to do it?

Jackson: If he fights like a man, I’ll do it. But he don’t fight like a man!

Ferguson: Don’t pull me into this…

Ferguson later asked about Jackson’s movie career. “Rampage,” who jokingly described himself as “getting old,” mentioned that he just finished another movie: “Vigilante Diaries,” a title which he admitted struggling to pronounce.

Regarding his next bout, Jackson described his management as in negotiation with Bellator MMA, and that he’d know within two weeks.

The program is archived on the CBS Late Late Show website, and Jackson’s segment comes on at 29:00 in.

Yesterday, it was also uploaded onto Ferguson’s YouTube Channel: