While some people seem to be excited about the upcoming, Bellator PPV, which will feature “Rampage” Jackson taking on Titor Ortiz (particularly those people looking for an excuse to dust off their Punishment flame beanies), the reaction of others has been somewhat ‘reserved.’ Of course, one could argue fans shouldn’t make a final judgement on the card until the final line-up has been announced, but the response to the main event has certainly been mixed.

So, while participating in a media call Monday to promote the upcoming bout, Jackson was reportedly asked about fan reaction to the fight thus far. The outspoken, former UFC champ stated (quote via MMA Fighting.com):

“Me and Tito have been taking hits from some of the MMA fans and it’s not right for a lot of never-will-bes and never-gonna-bes to call Tito and I has beens,” Jackson said. “You know what I’m saying? You guys should really smack yourselves for saying that.”

“Me and Tito, we have heart,” Rampage said. “I trained with Tito for years and I can tell you secretly there’s been competition between me and Tito. I remember when I started training with him and Ricco Rodriguez, they used to kick my ass all the time, they used to enjoy it. Then I started to get a little bit better, and me and Tito started going at it a little bit harder and stuff like that. There’s always been times when me and Tito wanted to go at it in training. There’s been a couple times where me and Tito had some battles people will never see. Now people are going to see it out in the cage in front of everybody.”

Bellator also announced during the call that the November 2nd card will also likely feature lightweight champ Michael Chandler, possibly featherweight champ Pat Curran, and or other champions as well. So, it sounds like the promotion is bringing out its biggest guns for the event, as it probably should.