Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is about to be a very busy Viacom employee. We learned yesterday during a media conference call that Jackson is not just joining Bellator, but TNA Pro Wrestling and Spike reality shows. He already has a gig lined up this week in fact, as he will be presenting at the Guys Choice Awards on June 12. As for the reality show, it is still in talks, but lets hope its a step up from Gym Rescue.

Rampage was quick to describe Rebney as a “promoter that gets it,” as opposed to his former employers. The former champ repeats his issues with not feeling respected and that looks to not be the problem as the conference kicks off with an ego stroking introduction from the three heads involved in the signing.

As for the Bellator criticisms of lack of competition in the Bellator, Jackson explains that it comes out of ignorance and that as other fighters see the great contract deal that he received, they will be making the transition as well.

Thanks to MMAHeat.com for Video Footage