There are few constants in the dynamic world of Mixed Martial Arts. But there are bits of news that don’t seem much of a surprise.

One is the news that a particular athlete seems underpaid. This is an industry which sees its superstars, like Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey, making a fraction of their counterparts in the boxing world. The UFC’s Jones made $500,000 in the last PPV he headlined, which scored about 700,000 pay per view buys. In contrast, boxer Miguel Cotto earned $7 million to headline an event which only attracted half as many viewers.

Another is, sadly, that MMA star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson always seems a little unhappy with his promotion. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion was a struggle for ZUFFA top brass before making the switch to Bellator MMA. Now he’s jumped ship to return to the UFC after another dispute; leading Bellator to file an injunction to prevent him from fighting.

A result of that injunction is that some details about Jackson’s original deal with Bellator.

It is, as they say, pretty sweet.

Per a report from Mark La Monica of Newsday, Jackson would:

  1. Receive 30 percent of net gate receipts received by Bellator above $400,000 for any fight in which he participated.
  2. Be paid $35,000 per episode as part of the deal to air a four-episode “Rampage 4 Real” reality program on Spike TV.
  3. Bellator was contractually obligated to retain a screenwriter to work directly with Jackson to develop a potential feature film project.
  4. Bellator had to secure “direct access to and communications with” Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures in an attempt to develop film opportunities for Jackson.
  5. Appear on the red carpet at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center.
  6. Bellator paid more than $250,000 for one commercial promoting the fight that aired on May 16, 2014, on ESPN during the NBA playoffs.
  7. Bellator spent $200,000 to secure the rights for a Rolling Stones song in connection with advertising Jackson.
  8. Receive a $200,000 signing bonus.

So, you might say it’s bit of old news — but with a twist. Bellator’s hearing is scheduled for April 2.