It’s no secret there are a lot of people who follow pro wrestling as well as MMA, and due to the careers of men like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, among others, the worlds have collided from time-to-time. One could even argue the lines between real and fake fighting have never been more blurred (if that’s actually possible), due to Viacom’s decision to have stars like “King Mo” Lawal and “Rampage” Jackson appear under both the Bellator and TNA Impact Wrestling banners.

While lots of MMA fans could care less about pro wrestling, Viacom’s plans have reignited the wrestling vs. MMA debate, in terms of which is tougher. In a recent editorial from Michael Hicks at, the RM Sports writer has sided with wrestling.

Ultimately, despite the fact that MMA action is “real” and pro wrestling is “fake,” pro wrestlers are indeed tougher than MMA fighters. With a grueling schedule that almost always results in some sort of injury, professional wrestlers are never really given adequate time to recover from small, nagging injuries like MMA fighters are. Also, pro wrestlers have to be much more multi-faceted than an MMA fighter. While an MMA fighter only needs to know how to fight, a pro wrestler has to sell strikes as legitimate, develop microphone skills, and also withstand the constant bodily abuse sustained while competing. King Mo claimed training for pro wrestling is 3 times harder than MMA training, and I tend to believe him.

Now, there is likely no shortage of MMA fans and pundits who might disagree, but it’s hard to argue that ‘pro rasslin’ isn’t a brutal way to make a living.

Let the arguments spew forth.