Paul Daley seems to have some of the worst luck in MMA. The latest in the string of bad news is that Bellator has verified that “Semtax” has been pulled from the upcoming season of Bellator’s welterweight tournament where he was scheduled to have his promotion debut (January 17th) against War Machine. Following an alleged bar fight in his native England, news broke of Daley unable to attain a Visa. If convicted of the allegations, Daley could face up to two years in prison. Since the news broke, Daley has released a statements, denying the bar brawl being the issue.

“It seems as (though) a mass press release has gone out to the MMA media stating I was involved bar brawl, arrested and cannot obtain a P-1 visa to compete in the USA. I am currently awaiting a decision on my visa, which is not expected until late April. Which means I am unable to compete in the Season 8 Bellator tournament, as it starts in January. I will be fighting in Europe in the coming months, so I am able to stay active while awaiting a decision on my visa status. I was not involved in a bar brawl. This is 100 (percent) a false statement.”

Whether the allegations against Daley are true or not, he has been seen to have a bit of a temper on him. Back at UFC 113, Daley was put into a match-up with trash talker Josh Koscheck for a shot at the title. He had earned this match after two amazing knockouts in his first two fights in the octagon. Koscheck used his wrestling game to hold Daley down, and supposedly goaded Daley on the ground throughout three rounds. Daley promptly struck Koscheck after the two had gotten up, after the bout had ended.

Besides the most recent rumor, Daley’s failure to make weight has made him somewhat of a question mark to some organizations. In the last three years, Daley has missed weight on four occasion in a total of twelve bouts. Organizations love to book Daley due to his exciting style, but his problems in and out of the fights make it hard for him to schedule matches in the future. Let’s all hope Daley is able to get back on track and back in the cage soon.