Patricio “Pitbull” Freire, the hard-hitting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who’s long hovered around the top of Bellator’s featherweight heap, has got beef with his employers. Pitbull, it seems, is none too happy with the organization’s push for former champ Pat Curran to rematch with current champ Daniel Straus – a slight that flies in the face of the organization’s “title shots are earned, not given” tag line by skipping over tournament winners Pitbull and Frodo Khasbulaev so Curran can get a shot.

Here’s Freire laying out his issues via social media:

Never in my entire career have I felt so disrespected and disappointed. @BellatorMMA announces their tournament brackets and in all of them they only have the champion, on the Featherweight one they have @PatCurranMMA as well. I don’t have anything against Curran himself, what I don’t like is the clear way he’s being favored. I have all the desire in the world to fight and beat him again, not letting it to the judges this time. The issue is not this one. It’s how the entire division is overlooked because of him. What is fair is fair, the only ones who can fight for Bellator’s Featherweight belt are me and Frodo, if Frodo can’t, then it’s me. But the disrespect now goes beyond just the Featherweight division. Why is @kongo4real not there? Why is @MikeChandlerMMA not there? @PhenomLima and @RickHawnMMA will define the champion, I get that. But why is Curran worth of being on the image and the other challengers aren’t? And why do you have it like the tournament winner will fight the winner of @DanielStraus vs Curran? There is a line and it’s being ignored. And what about your champion? Daniel Straus deserves respect. I miss the time when Bellator’s “title shots are earned, not given” were true. Also I miss the time when champions were respected. I want to be respected when I am champion and I think Daniel Straus should get respect for what he achieved. How can I be motivated to fight if I know the people I fight for and I have defended all these years want me to lose? How would you feel if you were me?

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Freire has lost only twice in his career – a split decision to Joe Warren in a Bellator tournament final, and a split decision to Curran in a Bellator featherweight title bid.