Not only has Tito Ortiz followed “Rampage” Jackson and signed with Bellator, but like his November 2nd opponent, the 38 year-old fighter has also fired away at the UFC. If you’re surprised to hear this, then clearly you haven’t been keeping very close tabs on Ortiz over the years.

Ortiz attended a media call Monday to promote his upcoming bout with Jackson, and of course, the former UFC champ was asked about his new deal and what prompted him to come out of retirement. Here is some of what Ortiz had to say about his new Bellator contract as well as his former employer (quote via MMA

“That’s when the handcuffs came off me,” Ortiz said. “On July 7 I got a call from Bjorn, my [UFC] contract was done. July 8, I came in and we met. We sat down, we hashed it out in a week, got it done.”

“When I had someone barking at me, yelling at me, talking s— the whole time, I don’t want to be around that,” Ortiz added. “Negativity just sucks the life out of somebody. Here at Bellator, with Viacom, this sport is just going to get bigger.”

The last time Ortiz fought was July 7th, 2012, when he dropped a tightly contested, unanimous decision to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148. Ortiz didn’t think he lost the bout then, but has he changed his mind since?

“My last fight left a bad taste in my mouth,” Ortiz said. “I thought I won the fight. When you drop someone twice and take them down four times and smash their face and they go run out of the cage crying … I don’t understand how you lose the fight.”

Guess not. Ortiz and Jackson will battle at the Long Beach Convention Center on November 2nd. The bout will be available via pay-per-view.

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