It pretty much went how you thought it would go. In the main event of Bellator 138 – the promotion’s latest installment in their “big” series of events that outshine their pedestrian once-a-month affairs – 41-year-old ex-backyard brawler Kimbo Slice took out the 51-year-old UFC 1 veteran Ken Shamrock. It was as awful, and as compelling, as expected.

Shamrock seemingly had Slice on the figurative ropes early on, though. Scoring with a sloppy takedown, he found his way on to his turtled opponent’s back, and was soon sinking in a deep rear naked choke. But Kimbo wasn’t about to tap, and after what could’ve been an eternity (but was about 45 seconds), he shimmied out and the duo scrambled to their feet.

It took only moments for Kimbo to start unloading, and Shamrock was soon on the canvas, staring blankly up at the rafters as referee John McCarthy jumped in to stop the fight.

The win might mean we’ll see Kimbo in the cage again. Who knows. What I do know is that Shamrock should never set foot in a cage again.

He deserves to leave the sport with whatever dignity and health he has left.