IRVINE – Michael Chandler (11-0-0) proved to be a real champion becoming the second man to ever defeat Judo Black belt Rick Hawn (14-2-0). Now, Chandler will look to defend his title against the winner of the Season 7 Lightweight final between Marcin Held and Dave Jansen which takes place later this season

Chandler and Hawn stand through the first two minutes with not much action, but Chandler hits a great double leg and puts Hawn on his back. At about a minute and a half left Hawn goes to stand, and Chandler moves to take his back where he lands knees to Hawn’s thigh. The fighters stand through the last 30 seconds, but not too many significant punches are landed to close the round.

In the second, Chandler almost immediately shoots for a takedown. Hawn tries to tie him up form the bottom, but eventually Chandler takes Hawn’s back. From there it is over when Chandler locks in a rear naked choke, and Hawn is forced to tap.

Official- Michael Chandler defeats Rick Hawn via rear-naked choke at 3:07 of round two

This marks Chandler’s 11th straight win and his first title defense. Many people were unsure of the new champion after he took the title from Eddie Alvarez, but with this performance it looks like Bellator has a new lightweight dynamo on their hands. Being undefeated and a champion puts about the biggest target on your back you can have in MMA, but Chandler has professed to love the limelight which he is sure to get more of in the months to come.