Three time Melvin Guillard headlined UFC events, and in each instance he was tapped out via chokes. Sure, those chokes were applied by the likes of Joe Stevenson, Nate Diaz and Jim Miller, but still, those were his chances to shine and he fell short.

He’s since journeyed from promotion to promotion, struggling to find his footing as an aging fighter with a “name”, and tonight he gets the honor of main eventing a Bellator. If his last four performances are of any indication, things might not go so well for the “Young Assassin” (he may have scored a KO in his previous fight, but the result was overturned when he tested positive for banned substances), but that doesn’t mean Guillard isn’t brimming with confidence. He is. Heck, according to MMAFighting, Guillard thinks he might even be in his prime right now.

“Right now I think I’m at my most dangerous time of my career,” Guillard said. “I’ve seen a lot of fighters that I looked up to become late bloomers. I was an early bloomer, then I kind of bloomed away and now all of a sudden I’m getting that secondary bloom again. I’m excited for what’s in the future.”

Hey, whatever it takes to make yourself believe you can win, right?