Lavar Johnson was one hell of a heavyweight prospect in Strikeforce, he was pretty okay in the UFC, and his Bellator stint kind of stunk. But the dude beat up his lady pretty badly, and now he’s going to jail for five years.

MMAfighting has the details:

Well-known heavyweight fighter Lavar Johnson is headed to jail.

According to a report by ABC 30 in Fresno, a Fresno County judge sentenced the mixed martial arts veteran to five years in prison following a domestic violence incident after brutally beating his girlfriend of seven years. The 6-foot-4, 260-pound Johnson admitted to the beating, which occurred on August 11, after a drunken confrontation.

The descriptions of the assault are unsettling, as Johnson allegedly slammed his girlfriend’s head against a wall and the ground, and struck her repeatedly with knees and a closed fist. On Johnson’s behalf, friends made pleas for a lighter sentence, arguing that the incident was well out of character.

“It does appear there were times when Mr. Johnson could have stopped this offense,” Judge Glenda Allen-Hill told the court. “That he could have not inflicted the amount of damage that he inflicted on his victim, but he did not.”

See ya, buddy!