When Fedor Emelianenko announced his return to MMA earlier this year, fans and media alike speculated where he would end up and who he would fight.

Would the legendary heavyweight finally find his way to the UFC? Would he return to old friend Scott Coker, who promoted Fedor’s bouts at Strikeforce and now helms Bellator MMA?

Or, would he end up in a totally different direction — going back to the Asian MMA scene?

I explored each in an article for MMA Nuts back in July — but at the top of the list was a bout with Kimbo Slice at Bellator. It’s just the kind of spectacle that I can imagine from Coker, particularly after the success of the Kimbo vs. Shamrock event. It just seemed a good fit.

When Fedor was introduced at Bellator’s Dynamite! event, to be fighting in Japan on New Year’s Eve for a new promotion, there seemed hope. Sure, Fedor is signing elsewhere, but maybe they could co-promote?

However, looks like it’s a no-go.

Coker discussed the bout, and other future plans for the Florida brawler, on yesterday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

“No, no. Kimbo is a Bellator fighter,” Coker said, when asked about the match-up. “We have other plans for Kimbo.”

“We’re going to fight him early next year,” he added. “And I think next year, you’re going to see Kimbo Slice fight three times in Bellator.”

The opponent, says Coker, is yet to be determined. But, he says, he’s keeping an eye on the upcoming Bobby Lashley vs. James Thompson bout.

“He may take on the winner of that fight,” says Coker.

The episode is below. Coker’s segment begins at the 2:12 mark.